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About Tandem

Tandem is all about going places together. I want to be your copilot and cheer you on as you start or grow your small business! Think of me as your partner, your cheering section, your sounding board and your teammate for all things marketing.

Tandem is a one-woman shop, so your experience will be 100% personalized to you and your goals. Let's chat about who YOU are, what you DO, and who needs to hear your unique MESSAGE.

My specialty is working with small businesses, and what I love most is helping develop that initial vision, the BRAND that really embodies WHO YOU ARE. Let me help with your logo, your website and your marketing materials, whatever your needs may be.


Let's collaborate! You can have as much or as little input as you feel comfortable with. I'll provide the expertise and technical skills to bring your vision to life. 

Together we can do more!
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